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21 Best Yoga Retreats of India for the Ultimate Spiritual Experience

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Yoga and India are almost synonymous with each other. Every year, millions of tourists and travellers looking for some peace and tranquillity come down to not only learn Yoga but also to practice it and take some time off their hectic lives. But with so many options available, how do you choose wisely? From the intense to the relaxing we have listed the 14 Best Yoga  Retreats of India. The list includes some of the best Ashrams, Yog Shalas, and Retreats.

What is a Yoga Retreat?

A Yoga retreat is basically a place where guided yoga sessions are conducted by trained professionals. While some of these places offer daily lessons only, there are also others that have holiday packages which include, morning yoga sessions, breakfast and organized activities such as walks or ceremonial gatherings along with vegetarian meals. All in all, Yoga resorts are a great way to put your mind, body, and soul at rest and rejuvenate.

Best Yoga Retreats of India – 2020

1. Bihar School of Yoga:

At Bihar School of Yoga, Yoga is not just a practice but a lifestyle where karma is given importance over asana.

 Bihar School of Yoga

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  • Location: Munger, Bihar
  • Distance from Airport:5 km from Gaya Airport
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year except for May-July
  • Course Duration: Four-month course, preferably starting in October
  • Approximate Cost: INR 95,721 per person.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and Meals.

Former students of this ashram, one of the most prominent Yoga Retreats of India, they attest that the yoga has the life-altering qualities giving a stint in the ashram. A day in this ashram begins at 4 am, ends at the twilight around 6 pm and the lights go out at 8 pm. Your day will be filled with Satsangs, Kirtans and different types of Yogic practices such as Raja, Hatha and Kriya along with deep meditation to help you calm your mind and experience what being at peace feels like. Swami Satyananda Saraswati, is the founder of this centre and has persevered to make it one of the most peaceful venues for karma yoga.

2. Kaivalyadhama Ashram:

With 180 acres of land occupied by, this is actually a hill-station designed as a yogic research centre. It is located between Pune and Mumbai.

Kaivalyadhama Ashram

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  • Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • Distance from Airport:0 km from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
  • Operating Hours: Throughout the year.
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year
  • Course Duration: Year-long diploma in therapy
  • Approximate Cost: INR 3,39,356 for the course, INR 3,349 a week for naturopathy, INR 9,171 a week for Ayurvedic, INR 5,343 a week for a shared room and INR 33,895 a week for a cottage.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and Meals.

This ashram is one of the best of Yoga Retreats in India. Opened back in 1924, this is a place where you can spend months without feeling the need to leave as you will be busy participating in a myriad of different programs. The ashram has accredited diplomas & degrees for teachers, shorter courses for beginners and even advanced students along with a healing centre. Yogic practices in this place include relaxation, Ayurveda and also naturopathy as well. The campus has an aesthetic appeal with ancient buildings & leafy pathways. Along with that, the centre has air-conditioned rooms in the main hall. They offer a healthy range of meals which are pure vegetarian and organic.

3. Purple Valley:

If you are one of those modern yogis who prefer detox drinks & Wi-Fi along with the best Ashtanga Yoga, this is the place for you!

Purple Valley, Yoga Retreats of India

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  • Location: Assagao, Goa
  • Distance from Airport:9 KM from Goa International Airport
  • Operating Hours: October-April
  • Best time to Visit: November-February
  • Course Duration: Year-long Courses.
  • Approximate Cost: INR 47,055 for one week & INR 70,981 two weeks for a shared room, INR 59,816 for a week and INR 87,730 for two weeks for a single room.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and Meals.

Purple Valley is the place for people who are not looking for traditional venues when it comes to Yoga Retreats of India. This place encourages and welcomes the beginners and is indeed an exciting place for Ashtanga Yoga.  Classes are held in the afternoon with self-practice in the morning and evening including kirtans, yogic living, pranayama and philosophical elements. This retreat has a peaceful but alluring ambiance spread over Portuguese houses, tropical forest, and beautifully landscaped gardens. The two international chefs along with the Ayurvedic chef prepare all kind of meals including soy burgers, millet masala which enhances your health and you can get consultations with massage therapists and Ayurvedic doctors as well at any time, you need them.

4. Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre:

You can spend your summer at Dharamkot, the picturesque village above the Mcleodganj settlement.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

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  • Location: Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh
  • Distance from Airport:3 km from Kangra Airport, Gaggal.
  • Operating Hours: February-October
  • Best time to Visit: November-February
  • Course Duration: Year-long Courses.
  • Approximate Cost: The five-day course usually starts at INR 3349.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and Meals.

This yoga centre in the list of Yoga Retreats in India is established by Sharat Arora, an old student of BKS Iyengar who later became prominent for his dedicated approach. The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre offers summers in Dharmkot, Himachal Pradesh. All the students, irrespective of their ability should actually complete the mandatory five-day course before continuing with the teacher training and as well as other courses like yoga therapy, Ayurveda yoga and also Vipassana Yoga. Besides the teaching, you can also have a view of mountains with the shadows of glaciers and oak trees along with pine forests. If you are one of those people who love to stay near to nature and get involved with the scenic beauty, this place is the perfect fit for you and you can also volunteer for things going around in the village when you have free time.

5. Mysore Mandala:

This is one of the most beautiful yoga retreats in India and is the perfect blend of the traditional ashram and a western studio.

Mysore Mandala

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  • Location: Mysore, Karnataka.
  • Distance from Airport:2 KM from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore.
  • Operating Hours: Throughout the year.
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • Course Duration: Daily Drop-ins, A month Courses.
  • Approximate Cost: INR 478 for a daily drop-in, INR 7576 for a month full of morning classes, INR 78957 for a month teacher training.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and Meals.

Located in a century-old tranquil house along with a charming cafe, this is an authentic yoga centre in the list of Yoga Retreats of India. The main form of Yoga practised here is the Ashtanga Yoga but you can find a wide range of other yoga forms that you can choose to be taught by the teachers including pranayama, Hatha, Shatkriya and back bending as well. The centre provides training for Sanskrit Yoga Sutras as well. On the whole, the centre is led by a team of nine proficient centres and there are classes in Ayurveda and anatomy as well.

6. International Center for Yoga Education and Research:

This coastal center is a Gurukul which is immersive and as well as traditional. Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri, was the founder of this yoga retreat centre founded with the sole aim of spreading the wisdom of yoga.

International Center for Yoga Education and Research

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  • Location: Puducherry, TamilNadu.
  • Distance from Airport:8 km from Chennai International Airport.
  • Operating Hours: Throughout the year.
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • Course Duration: A 3-week Yantra course in February along with other courses.
  • Approximate Cost: INR 49,846 for the Yantra course.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and Meals.

The yoga retreat centre teaches a classical style of yoga which embraces all the eight limbs. Famous for the six-month course wherein only select participants are allowed, that too after completing a year of correspondence course before applying. Only 10 students are accepted for the 6-month course. One should know that this course is not suitable for the casual yogis but for the ones who are bold and determined about learning and practising advanced yoga. That being said, one can try the three week Yantra course along with daily yoga practice. All of these courses are residential with a strict vegetarian diet, no drugs and alcohol and limited contact with the external world. So, if you want to spend some quality time in learning yoga, this famous centre among the many Yoga Retreats of India is best suitable for you.

7. The Anahata Retreat, Goa

The Anahata Retreat, Goa

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If you are a modern yogi who loves beach yoga twice a day in a chic wooden yoga shala overlooking the sea, then The Anahata Retreat in Goa is meant especially for you. Take part in relaxing yoga sessions in the early mornings and evenings and also learn hatha yoga, meditation, breath work, and yoga nidra. Each session here has a different flavour and intensity ranging from complete relaxation to meditative surrender. The yoga retreat also houses a spa which offers many treatments ranging from Reiki and shiatsu to Shirodhara and Hot-stone therapy. Their treatments make them one of the best yoga retreats of India.

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8. The Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bengaluru, Karnataka

The Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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A boutique resort and luxury ashram made into one!  Shreyas yoga retreat is one of the best spiritual places in India located in Bangalore offering Yoga, Ayurveda, and Spiritual Meditation Sessions. Nestled about 30 minutes from Bengaluru, –this 25-acre countryside retreat is a great place to learn traditional Ashtanga and hatha yoga.

All the sessions at Shreyas yoga retreat are conducted either at the amphitheatre, indoor rooms or private meditation huts. The Shreyas yoga retreat has been recognized as one of the finest yoga retreat centres in the world. Many International Yoga Gurus frequent this place and also conduct short sessions here.

9. The Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore

The Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore- Best Yoga Retreats of India for the Ultimate Spiritual Experience

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Another landmark yoga retreat of India, The Isha Yoga Center is cocooned in the scenic mountains of Velliangiri. The centre has a distinctive architecture and offers unique, self-curated yoga sessions that will ensure you optimize your physical and physiological health and well-being. There are interactive Sessions and Guided Meditation Sessions conducted daily here. Also, you will get indulgent Gourmet Vegetarian Meals at the centre. They also organize nature walks and hikes in the scenic forests where they are located. If you are looking for traditional yoga techniques, the Isha Yoga Center is definitely worth a visit.

10. The Amrutham Gamaya, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

The Amrutham Gamaya, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

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A blissful yoga retreat in Kerala, the relaxation capital of India, this resort is beset with lush greenery and has an aura of serenity surrounding it.  Recognized as one of the best yoga retreats of India, Amrutham Gamya is located about 3km away from Kovalam and offer yoga sessions by two – in-house Yog Gurus. The place also offers Ayurvedic treatments that will enrich your mind, body, and soul. And if you wish to relax after a long day, you can just sit back and take in a breath of fresh air and lose yourself in the chirping of birds as a gentle southwestern breeze soothes your senses.

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11. Ayurveda Yoga Meditation Resort, Coonoor

Ayurveda Yoga Meditation Resort, Coonoor
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Surrender to the magical fingers of highly trained yoga therapists and see your stress melting away. Qualified technicians and physicians at Ayurveda Yoga Meditation Resort focus on rejuvenating tired and stressed minds and body. They do offer a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments such as Panchakarma Detoxification, women’s wellness, advanced therapies for chronic illnesses and much more.

12. The Osho Meditation Resort, Pune – One of the best yoga retreats on India

The Osho Meditation Resort, Pune - yoga retreats on India

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Osho Meditation Resort in Pune is one of the best yoga retreats of India meant for unorthodox yogis. If you are looking for a great way to pause your life and attain a sense of peaceful tranquillity, in a stunning garden scenic then this place is meant for you. Founded by the well known spiritual guru of the yesteryears, Osho Rajneesh, this resort is a stunning blend of the traditional ashram and an opulent spa. The central location makes it a perfect haven within the city!

13. The Jiva Spa, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, One of the best yoga retreats of India

The Jiva Spa, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

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Want to be treated like royalty? Then this spa is just for you. Owned by one of the famous hotel chains in India – the Taj Group, the Jiva Spa is designed to be as naturally Indian as possible. In addition to the Yoga and daily meditation sessions, there are also much Personal Growth and Multiversity Programs conducted here. Moreover, their spa sessions are known to be really relaxing and the resort has won many awards and accolades.

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15. The Purple Valley Yoga Retreat, Goa – One of the best yoga retreats of India

The Purple Valley Yoga Retreat, Goa

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A Yoga retreat that is dedicated solely to Ashtanga yoga, the Purple Valley Yoga Retreat is situated in a valley in Assagoa. A peaceful haven nestled near a white sandy beach and on-site tropical gardens the retreat hosts some of the best yoga Courses and offers really comfortable accommodation as well. This is certainly one of the best things to do in Goa.

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16. The Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Goa

 The Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Goa

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For Personalized Yoga holidays in India, the Bamboo Yoga retreat on Patnem beach offers a unique experience of deepening your session with a spectacular panoramic view of the sea.  The retreat offers accommodation in an individual and shared bamboo huts on the beach. You can also enjoy a boat trip watching dolphins on a remote Goa beach.

17. The SwaSwara, Gokarna, Karnataka

The SwaSwara, Gokarna, Karnataka

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Tucked away in India’s western coastal countryside, this yoga resort is located at a walkable distance from Om beach. An ideal yoga retreat that offers Ayurvedic Spa holidays in India, the resort combines holistic yoga practices with luxury spa massages. The central focus here is on rejuvenating not just the mind and body but relaxation on a spiritual level.

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18. Ananda in the Himalayas

Ananda in the Himalayas

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Located in the lap of the scenic Himalayas, this resort offers classic sessions of Yoga in India. Whether you are in search of a new fitness regime or a brief getaway to escape the chaos of your life a visit to this natural haven will not leave you unfulfilled. From traditional hatha yoga to tailor-made yoga sessions crafted as per your needs, you will get it all and more at the Ananda!

19. The Beach House, Goa

The Beach House, Goa
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Located on the Sernabatim beach in Goa, India, the Sanda Retreat offers a wide range of innovative wellness programs. They offer a self-curated opportunity for total rejuvenation which is an intricate combination of ancient traditional practices combined with cutting-edge modern technology. The retreat offers comprehensive wellness therapies offering all the means needed for a complete mind and body overhaul.

20. Ashiyana, Goa

Ashiyana, Goa

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A home away from home set on the tranquil Mandrem Beach in Goa. This place is a complete retreat village that offers morning and afternoon yoga sessions. There are five yoga shalas, nestled between coconut palms and open for visitors even during the day for self-practice. You can choose from accommodation options, from beach huts, wooden eco-lodges, tree houses and swank suites for a relaxed stay.

21. TheVana, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

TheVana, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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A retreat that combines meditation, pranayama, and yogasanas to make a complete and holistic experience. You can learn your morning yoga outdoor in a temple while evening sessions are conducted outdoor private studios.  Enjoy the scenic beauty of sal forest or the on-site gardens. The reason this place features on our list of best yoga retreats of India is owing to the fact that it is also well known for its Tibetan meditation and culinary lessons.

Withdrawing from your routine life and going someplace to reconnect yourself is a great idea to refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind.  While there are many resorts here, these are the best yoga retreats of India that you can explore.

Frequently asked Questions About Yoga Retreats of India:

1. What does Hatha Yoga mean?

The word Hatha usually means forceful. Therefore, Hatha Yoga is a set of exercises with sequences full of Asanas that are designed to align your muscles with your skin and bones.

2. Is it important to chant OM during Yoga?

Om is actually a mantra or a vibration and therefore can be traditionally chanted throughout the yoga sessions. This sound is said to be the one which is heard in the extended universe when it is moving and therefore puts us in peace.

3. Should I be a Vegetarian to Practice Yoga?

The first principle of philosophy includes ahimsa, which means nonviolence. Therefore, this can also be interpreted as being a vegetarian. While there is a debate going on about it, it’s their personal decision to make. However, as eating vegetarian food keeps a person healthier it is recommended to stay vegetarian.

4. How many times in a week should I practice Yoga?

Yoga is actually amazing and if you can do it for one hour in a week, you will experience the benefits. Another way of doing it is what you can experience more benefits if you start doing it two/three times in a week for an hour or 20 minutes every day.

5. Should Yoga be considered a religion?

Yoga is not actually a religion. It is just an Indian spiritual philosophy which began around 5,000 years ago. The father of the Ashtanga yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ has written these sutras and chants to help people enhance their health.

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